Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Flood Victims Seeking Help

About two dozen Tennessee Tech University students are trying to replenish belongings lost in last Tuesday’s flood waters, and university officials say calls from the community have now flooded in asking how to help. So the school is now accepting community donations through an organized drive. Small items, such as linens, clothing and small appliances, will be collected and stored in the Fitness Center Multipurpose Room. Larger items, such as beds, desks and futons, will be stored in a trailer parked between the Fitness Center and Hooper Eblen Center. Organizers ask that you call ahead to the Fitness Center at 372-6215 if you plan to bring large items. Community members may bring items through Friday, Oct. 2, to the Fitness Center, located on the corner of Willow Avenue and 12th Street, during regular operating hours. For a complete list of items needed, visit