Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Flooding Causes Problems in Putnam County

Authorities say heavy downpours on Wednesday caused flooding problems all across the county. The rain caused what was described as "considerable ponding of water" in low lying areas over mainly the western part of Putnam county. And one local weather spotter reported water 3 to 4 inches deep along Cumby Road, northwest of Cookeville, at one point during the day. Authorities say several other streets and roads were also affected, and the county school system decided to close early on Wednesday because of the flooding. There were also a number of wrecks, including one in Monterey. Hilltop Express publisher Dale Welch says the driver, identified as Sarah Garrett, was not seriously injured in the roll over crash. According to deputies, she hydroplaned on the wet roads, left Hanging Limb Highway, took out the Benton Looper Rd. road sign and stop sign, narrowly missed a utility pole, flipped and took out a tree in a yard before coming to a stop. Welch took the picture above.