Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Info needed for labor market analysis

Cookeville-area residents and businesses are being called on to help the Chamber of Commerce as it undertakes a comprehensive analysis of the labor market in Overton, Putnam and White counties. Officials say the data being gathered will help existing businesses in finding qualified workers, will help workforce agencies match workers with jobs and training programs, and will guide educators and other training providers in preparing the workforce for existing and emerging employment opportunities. Many businesses in the region will receive a survey during the week of Sept. 21, asking about the availability of skilled workers, as well as the quality of and, the cost of the region’s workforce. Younger Associates of Jackson, TN, in conjunction with Wadley-Donovan GrowthTech of Springfield, NJ, is conducting the workforce analysis.For more information you can contact Lillian Hartgrove at the Chamber at 526-2211.