Thursday, September 3, 2009

Putnam School Board To Talk About Zoning

The Putnam County Board of Education today may take another step toward limiting enrollment in some county schools. The board is set to consider the approval of a "district re-zoning committee" made up of elementary and middle school principals, along with central office administrators and the head of the school bus transportation department. A couple of years ago, an "Enrollment Management Advisory Committee" came up with suggestions about how to implement what some call "soft zoning" in the county schools. Under the current rules, parents may take their children to any school in the county -- if there is space available. If there is not, the admission of the child is based upon a number of factors, includng whether or not they live in the bus zone for that school. Now, officials say the planned opening next year of a new elementary and middle school south of I-40 provides a good opportunity to review the existing zones and, ultimately, re-draw them.