Thursday, September 10, 2009

Store Video Leads To Arrest

Evidence from a store security camera in Cookeville has gotten a Jackson County woman arrested on theft of property charges. Detective Sgt. Yvette Demming says that she reviewed the video from the Aaron's Rent-To-Own store after one of their customers reported a missing purse. The victim told police that she had accidentally left her purse, containing $400 dollars in cash and several ID cards, on a sofa at the store. Demming says the video showed another customer in the store, identified as 49-year-old Brenda Lee Nowak of Gainesboro, leaving the business with the purse. Demming says she called Nowak, who initially denied knowing anything about the purse. But police say she changed her story after learning of the video. She then claimed that she was going to turn the purse in to police, while denying that it contained any money. Nowak also reportedly shredded all of the IDs in the purse, telling police she did so to protect the purse's owner from identity theft. She could not explain how police would have been able to find the owner when all of those ID cards had been destroyed. Nowak will be in court on the charge September 21.