Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Window Tint Violation Leads To Drug Charges

A window tinting violation has led to drug charges being brought against three Wilson County residents. Cookeville police allege that the three had crack cocaine in their vehicle -- and a cell phone that kept ringing with calls from potential buyers. The incident occurred Monday afternoon when Officer Brandon Tayes stopped a car at the intersection of Fisk Road and Volunteer Drive. The car's occupants were identified as 23-year-old Geoffrey Maynard, 22-year-old Jessica Harel, and 18-year-old Markie Wilson -- all of Lebanon. Tayes alleges that Ms. Harel told him that Maynard had handed her a bag of drugs and told her to hide them. That bag reportedly contained 26 grams of crack cocaine. But the officer says none of the three would admit to owning the drugs, so all three were charged. They'll be in court on October 26th.