Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Arrest Made In TTU Lockdown Incident

A Nashville man is facing charges today after creating a disturbance on the Tennessee Tech campus Wednesday morning that caused officials to order a lockdown of some dorms. 19-year-old Darrion Jerome Brown, who officials say is NOT a Tech student, was arrested by Tennessee Tech Police on a charge of robbery in connection with an incident that began about 5 am. Authorities claim that Brown met with another person in the laundry room of Dunn Hall in order to buy drugs. But they say he allegedly made the other person give him "all the money and the drugs." Police have not revealed the identity of the alleged victim. The incident prompted TTU officials to issue a public alert and order a lockdown of the TTU dorm and buildings in the area. That lockdown was lifted a few hours later. Tech officials say no gunshots were actually fired, and no one was injured.