Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Centralized Accounting Discussed

No decisions were made, but a number of questions were asked Tuesday night as a meeting was held to once again discuss the possibility of implementing centralized accounting in Putnam County. Ben Rodgers with the County Technical Assistance Service says that Putnam County now operates under what he called "general law," which was established when the state of Tennessee was established more than 200 years ago. He says most businesses with the $114 million dollar budget that Putnam County has would employ a chief financial officer, but says the county continues to operate with at least three different people controlling accounting functions for the school system, the road department and the county's general government operations. Sue Neal, the chair of the fiscal review committee which organized the meeting, noted that the session was for "fact-finding and information-gathering." She said another meeting will be held on November 23rd to have more of a roundtable discussion.