Monday, October 12, 2009

Committee Debates Local Primary Elections

The Putnam County commission next week will debate whether or not to pass a resolution in which the county's political parties are being asked to forego holding primaries next year. Proponents say if the parties agree to the plan, it could save the county about sixty thousand dollars. County commissioner Bob Duncan brought up the issue Monday night, saying he cannot recall any partisan issue that has ever come before the commission. But commissioner Kevin Maynard said he is a Democrat and runs as a Democrat. He and others expressed concern that the political parties would choose their candidates by caucus if primaries were done away with. Duncan says 38 Tennessee counties, including Wilson, Smith and Roane counties, don't currently hold primaries or caucuses for local offices -- treating such candidates as independents. The full commission will vote on the issue next Monday. It comes to them with NO formal recommendation.