Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Competition Brewing For Board Appointments

Putnam County commissioners will have some decisions to make next week when they choose who they want to be on the county Fair Board and on the county Beer Board. For the first time in a while, more people have expressed interest in the seats than there are seats available. There are, for example, three openings for county commissioners wishing to serve on the Fair Board, but four commissioners who say they want the job -- including Ron Chaffin, Scott McCanless, Anna Ruth Burroughs, and David (Crock) Randolph. Meanwhile, on the Beer Board, Joe Frank Adkins, Andy Honeycutt, and Mike Medley are up for re-appointment, but local businessman Eddie Kendrick has also expressed an interest in the seat. Rather than recommending one candidate over another, the county's nominating committee this week decided to send all of the names to the full commission for their vote.