Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cost Of Gun Ban Signs Revealed

Four thousand, two-hundred and fifty dollars. That's how much it cost the Putnam County Parks and Recreation Department to purchase and install signs officially prohibiting the possession of handguns in the county parks and ballfields. The cost was revealed this week as the county's fiscal review committee approved budget amendments. County executive Kim Blaylock says the budget approved for Parks and Recreation this year did not include any expenditures for such signs, but she told park officials to go ahead and pay for the signs so they could be posted and promised that the county would re-imburse them for the cost. The signs became necessary when both the city of Cookeville and Putnam County opted out of a state law that would have allowed people with handgun carry permits to bring their weapons into local parks. By opting out, the local governments were required to post notifications in all of the parks they control that gun bans were in place.