Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Counterfeiters At Work In Cookeville

Counterfeiters are apparently at work again in Cookeville. Police say fake twenty dollar bills -- with the same serial number -- have shown up at several businesses over the past week. The most recent report was at the Sunoco market on West Broad Street where a clerk told police that he accepted the twenty for a five dollar purchase during a time when he was busy with customers. After the rush of people cleared out, the clerk checked the money and found it to be counterfeit. Officer Cary Matheney says the serial number on the bill is the same as several passed recently at businesses on North Willow Avenue. The suspect in the case is described as a dark-haired, white male, about 5-10 and 150 pounds. He left the area in a tan Plymouth Voyager van, with a white female and a baby in the back. Later that same day, the Sunoco on South Willow Avenue was presented with a fake twenty, but the clerk refused it. The suspect in that case was described as a younger, red-headed male who left the store, saying he would return to pay for the items, but never came back. Meanwhile, police say a counterfeit twenty was also passed at Bellacino's restaurant on West Jackson Street. Investigation continues.