Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Financial Management Act To Be Re-Visited

Putnam County's Fiscal Review committee will be meeting once again in the coming weeks to, as they put it, "re-visit" the idea of bringing the county under some sort of financial management system which would incorporate more centralized accounting. Commissioner Bob Duncan brought up the issue, noting that 14 of the 24 commissioners recently voted in favor of putting the county under the state's 1981 Financial Management Act. That's a majority of the commission, but not the two-thirds majority which was needed for the idea to go forward. Under the act, the county would hire a Chief Financial Officer and all accounting functions across the school system and the road departments would go through that central office. There was some resistance to the idea last time around from school system employees, who argued that their accounting practices are specialized to reflect the specifics of education funding and would not benefit from being centralized. But Duncan says the school superintendent, the road supervisor and others should be able to come up with a compromise whereby some form of the idea could be implemented. The Fiscal Review committee decided to meet with those officials and with Ben Rodgers of the County Technical Assistance Service to further explore their options. No date has been set for that meeting.