Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Firearm Disturbance Turns Out To Be False Alarm

The Putnam County sheriff's department says a man who reported this week that one of his neighbors was pointing a gun at him later found out that the "gun" was, in fact, a cordless telephone. Deputies say it began when a man who lives on Cheyenne Trail called to report that one of his neighbors had stepped out in front of him on that road and pointed a gun. The man says he put his vehicle in reverse and backed away, travelling through another neighbor's yard and taking out her mailbox. But when deputies got on the scene, they learned that the alleged agressor did not, in fact, even own a gun. He told them that he was carrying a black cordless house phone, but said that he DID want to speak to the driver, who he claims travels down the road in a reckless fashion. Deputy Michael Hicks says the two "talked everything over and shook hands." He says the driver also plans to replace the other neighbor's mailbox.