Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Gun Incidents Reported in Cookeville and Baxter

Two separate incidents involving people with guns have been reported to police recently -- one which resulted in an arrest, and one which did not. The Putnam County sheriff's department says they answered a call involving the alleged use of a weapon on school property at Upperman High School. The victim told Deputy Roger Cooper that he had gone to the school to pick up his younger brother when he got into an argument with a man who claimed that they were driving recklessly. The two sides exchanged words and the man admitted to displaying a handgun after, he said, he felt threatened by the young boys. Cooper says the man had a valid gun carry permit and was lawfully able to have a gun in his vehicle, as long as he didn't carry it on to school property. After consulting with the DA's office, no charges were brought, although the parties involved were advised that they could press charges against each other if they chose. Meanwhile, on Tuesday, Cookeville police responded to a call of a man with a gun at a residence on West Stevens Street. 38-year-old Robert Kyle Addair of Milkbarn Lane, was charged with aggravated assault after allegedly taking a long gun up onto the porch of a home there. He reportedly propped the gun up beside the front door and walked into the home, but left when residents called police. He was arrested after being stopped a few blocks away. He'll be in court on the charge October 19th.