Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Money Order Scams Still Being Reported

Putnam County residents may be getting more familiar with a scam that's been reported off and on for well over a year now. Authorities say they've received at least two reports in recent days of local residents receiving checks or money orders with instructions to cash them and return some of the money to the sender. In one incident, a woman who was advertising an apartment rental received the bogus check; in the other case, a man who offers tour guide services got three large money orders. Neither of them was cheated out of any money, although the man did apparently go to a local check cashing business to see if the money order was legitimate. Meanwhile, a Cookeville man told police that some $1,500 dollars had been taken from his bank account after he lost his checkbook while riding a bicycle. By the time he discovered it missing, the thief had been able to cash two checks on his account at two different bank branches.