Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Road Rage Quelled

A Putnam County sheriff's deputy was able to calm down what could have turned into a road rage incident this week. Corporal Jamie Greenwood says it started when a company was moving a mobile home on Grider Road Monday evening. The trailer got stuck in some mud and ended up blocking access to the road. When Greenwood arrived, he was approached by a number of bystanders, including two women who said that one of the workers had yelled at them, and by a man, who was -- in the deputy's words -- agitated about his girlfriend being yelled at. Greenwood told the man to calm down and later found out that the workers were not the ones who had yelled at the women. The man who did said he was simply telling them that he didn't know how long the road would be blocked because he didn't work for the company. Greenwood gave the company a warning about impeding traffic, but issued no citations.