Thursday, October 1, 2009

Sex Offender Arrested In School Zone

Another Putnam County man is facing charges of violating the rules which apply to the state's sex offenders. They are prohibited from being near a school, but authorities say that's just where 46-year-old Bruce Housley of Post Oak Road was this week when he dropped off a child at Northeast School. Sheriff's detective Jimmy Patterson, who made the arrest, says the child is not Housley's biological child, and alleges that Housley had "previously transported the child to and from the school" on three other occasions. Housley is also charged with violating sex offender residential restrictions by "living on the same property as two minor children" who are not his biological children. The Tennessee Sex Offender Registry says Housley was convicted of aggravated sexual battery on April 30, 1991. He goes court on the charges on October 26th. You may remember a similar incident from August of this year.