Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Stepped Up Law Enforcement for Halloween Night

As preparations begin for the Halloween weekend, a number of law enforcement agencies are stepping up enforcement. Officials say there's a possibility of increased criminal activity -- especially vandalism -- because the holiday falls on a Saturday night this year. Putnam County sheriff David Andrews is also once again offering the public the opportunity bring children's candy by the Justice Center to have it X-rayed as a safety precaution. That service will be offered from six to nine pm on Halloween night. Increased patrols are also expected from several area law enforcement agencies, including the Tennessee Highway Patrol, which has already announced that they will be conducting driver license roadside safety checkpoints on Highway 56 and on Highway 290 in Putnam County on Friday night. And the Tennessee Board of Probation and Parole is again enforcing restrictions prohibiting the sex offenders it supervises from taking part in Halloween activities. Every state-supervised sex offender in Tennessee received a document detailing the restrictions, which apply to any Halloween celebration, festival or other fall/harvest activity.