Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Teenagers Charged With Possession

The Hilltop Express newspaper in Monterey is reporting this week that two 17-year-old male juveniles, both from Cookeville, have been charged by Monterey Police with possession of a schedule II Drug and violation of the Drug Free School Zone Act. The charges came after Monterey Police K-9 Officer Larry Bates made an investigation. According to Bates, he was patrolling the parking lot near the Dollar General Store, next to Whittaker Park and noticed the driver of a vehicle watching him closely. Bates said that the driver got out of the vehicle and his hat came off his head, but the suspect did not pick it up, and continued walking into the store. Shortly after that, the driver and another suspect returned and got into the car and left. Bates conducted a traffic stop after noticing that the vehicle had a faulty brake light, and says he got consent to search the vehicle. That search allegedly turned up a ten dollar bill rolled up laying in between the door and the seat. Bates says the bill had a white powdery substance inside, which field tested positive for cocaine, but turned out to be Ritalin. The two suspects were taken into custody, pending an appearance in juvenile court.