Wednesday, October 14, 2009

TTU Lockdown Lifted

The lockdown in Capital Quad residence hall has been lifted. University police report a person is in custody. At sometime around 5 a.m. this morning, TTU Police received a report of an armed robbery involving what could have been a gun in Cooper/Dunn Residence Hall. No shots were fired. No injuries were reported. There was no confirmation that a gun was definitely involved.TTU Police responded. Cookeville Police Department was notified, and officers were available to respond as needed. TTU police sent out a text alert and the Capital Quad residence area where Cooper/Dunn is located was placed on lockdown. TTU police urged everyone to avoid the area around the quad while the search continued. Around 8:50 a.m., University police reported a person in custody. The lockdown was lifted from Capital Quad, and the campus was notified.

The incident appears to have involved three non-students who were on the TTU campus. The person in custody gained access to the residence hall by using a TTU student’s identification card. TTU police say the incident was drug-related.The campus was notified of the lockdown and all updates using an emergency text messaging system, the university home page, emergency blog and Facebook postings. (From Karen Lykins)