Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Vehicle Burglaries On The Upswing

A rash of vehicle break-ins are under investigation today by the Cookeville police department, including one involving a school bus. Police say the bus was parked at the school bus garage on Veterans Drive when someone got into it and stole an AM FM CD radio with PA system. Meanwhile, someone broke into a truck parked at a building on South Maple Avenue and stole a CD player and several dozen CDs; a Garmin GPS and a DeWalt cordless drill were stolen out of a truck parked on Jackson Street; and a purse containing the owner's credit cards, checkbook, and prescription glasses was stolen out of a car on Neal Street. Police say in many of the cases the thieves did more damage breaking out the car windows than they got into value from the stolen merchandise. They say at least a dozen cases have been reported in the past week.