Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Whitleyville Man Charged With DUI and Possession

A man from Whitleyville, Tennessee, has been charged with DUI and drug possession after a Cookeville police officer allegedly smelled the odor of marijuana coming from his vehicle. Officer Brian Long says he was assigned to traffic control during a marathon that was being run over the weekend when he noticed that an oncoming vehicle nearly failed to obey his instructions to stop for the crowd. He says when he went up to the driver to question him, he smelled marijuana. Long also claims the driver -- identified as 55-year-old Matt Albert Chalman of Crabtree Creek Road -- allegedly admitted to having four marijuana cigarettes on him. A search of his pockets also turned up a plastic bag with half of a brownie. Long says Chalman allegedly told him that the brownie also had marijuana in it. Chalman was transported to the hospital for a blood test "to determine the amount of THC in his system."