Monday, October 5, 2009

Woman Cited For Filing A False Police Report

A Cookeville woman has been charged with filing a false police report -- after allegedly telling authorities that her purse and the medication inside of it had been stolen. Officer Adrienne Lintz says that 31-year-old Janice A. Hall of South Creek Road seemed to be mostly concerned about trying to refill the prescriptions for her medications and became agitated when she was told that it would take several days to complete the paperwork. Hall had told the officer that 90 tablets of Lorazepam and 60 tablets of hydrocodone had been stolen along with her purse. But, according to Lintz, Hall later changed her story after Lintz found the "stolen" purse in a vehicle that Hall was riding in. She then claimed that the thief had emptied the pill bottles, but left the bottles and the purse behind. That's when the citation was issued for filing a false report.