Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alleged Perfume Shoplifter Caught

A January 11th court date has been set for a Jamestown woman who may have come to Cookeville to do some early Christmas shoplifting. A theft of property citation was issued against 61-year-old Jerlene Howard Richards of Coon Hunter Lodge Road after she was allegedly caught stealing perfume and cologne products from the Walmart store. Store officials say she concealed more than ten bottles of cologne in her purse, along with three toothbrushes and some skin cream. They claim she went through the checkout to pay for other items, but attempted to leave the store without paying the items in her purse. Meanwhile, there is no apparent connection, but police say three white males and a white female -- all in their twenties -- came into Cosmo Pro Supply on South Willow Avenue this week and shoplifted a make-up brush kit, valued at thirty dollars. They left in a newer model Mustang with a large white decal in the rear window.