Monday, November 2, 2009

Animal Cruelty Charged

A young Cookeville man has been issued a citation for animal cruelty after allegedly dropping a dog off on the side of the road. Bill Hunter, the animal control officer for the Putnam County sheriff's department, says the young man was apparently upset when the animal shelter refused to take the dog one morning last week because they were not yet officially open for business. Shelter hours are from noon to four pm Monday through Saturday, although workers are on the scene before that time, taking care of the animals. Hunter says this particular individual was upset that one of those workers would not accept his dog and told the deputy that he would simply let the dog loose. Hunter warned him that doing so would result in a citation, and a few hours later, the deputy received a report from the city of Cookeville's animal control officer that a dog had indeed been dropped at the side of the road. Hunter identified the animal and then issued its owner a citation. The owner denied any wrongdoing.