Monday, November 9, 2009

Woman Charged With Trespassing and Theft

Charges of theft and criminal trespassing have been filed against a Jackson County woman, who was allegedly caught shoplifting at Walmart. Police say it happened Friday night when store security allegedly caught Rachel Judith Budinger of Poor House Hollow Road, Gainesboro, going to the self-checkout aisle, scanning one item, and placing it into a bag with other unscanned merchandise. Police say she was then observed taking the items out to the vehicle of an accomplice, identified as Robert Heady. Heady was also observed putting a ballcap on his head and leaving the store without paying for it. Because Budinger had been caught shoplifting in the store back in 2000, she had signed what police described as a "banishment form," prohibiting her from being on Walmart property. It was the violation of that agreement that led to the trespassing charge.