Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cookeville Man Beaten and Stabbed

Aggravated assault charges are pending today against a Cookeville man, who allegedly attacked another man at a home on 17th Street over the weekend. The 23-year-old victim told police that he was outside his home early Saturday morning when he heard tires squealing and was approached by two white males and one white female. One of the suspects hit him in the face with a baseball bat, while the other stabbed him in the right foot and right thigh. The victim says the female was yelling, "you got what you deserved" during the incident. The three then fled the scene, but friends of the victim were able to follow them to an apartment on 18th Street, where police later found 25-year-old David Shawn Thompson. Thompson denied any part in the affair, but was positively identified by a witness. After being asked again about the incident, Thompson allegedly said, "I need a lawyer." He was then placed under arrest, and police say other charges may be filed as the investigation continues.