Monday, November 16, 2009

DUI Charges Filed In Two Separate Incidents

A Cookeville man who allegedly crashed his vehicle into an apartment building on North Walnut Avenue is facing charges of DUI today. Police say they arrived at the crash scene about 3 am Saturday morning and found a white Ford Ranger pickup truck against the side of the building.One of the residents -- identified as 36-year-old Michael Wayne Autrey -- was sitting in the driver's seat with the door open. Autry allegedly told police that he had just come from a local bar. He failed two field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. Meawnhile, DUI charges are pending against a Baxter woman, who was allegedly going some 40 miles an hour through the 15 mile zone on the campus of Tennessee Tech. Police say they pulled over 42-year-old Jeanetta Ruth Ann Hickey of Jones Road after getting complaints from other drivers that Ms. Hickey had been "all over the road, almost striking several vehicles." The incident was reported about 9 am on a Saturday morning, and Hickey was pulled over near the intersection of Dixie Avenue and Broad Street. Hickey allegedly failed sobriety testing and was taken to the hospital to have a blood alcohol test done. She was then charged with DUI.