Monday, November 16, 2009

New Technology Leads To New Complaints

The Putnam County sheriff's department is investigating several instances in which local residents report being harassed by cell phone or computer. A man told Deputy Mike Hicks that his 14-year-old daughter had been getting inappropriate text messages from a relative, who is in his thirties. Authorities advised the man to go to his cell phone provider and get a copy of all of the text messages that were coming and going from his daughter's phone. Meanwhile, Hicks also fielded a complaint from a Baxter woman who says that a drug dealer has been texting her 17-year-old son's cell phone, offering to sell him marijuana. She wanted a report done so that "maybe someone could catch the ones dealing drugs to her son." Corporal Jamie Greenwood, meanwhile, filed a report concerning instant messages that a Cookeville woman has been receiving from an ex-boyfriend. The messages, which the woman says are threatening, have been popping up on her MySpace page. And Deputy Tony Sherrell took a report from a woman who encountered a threatening individual in a computer chat room. Authorities say they have a copy of the communications and are investigating.