Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pet Ordinance Draws Debate In Baxter

Residents in one Putnam County town are complaining about a proposal to limit how many cats and dogs people can have at their homes. The ordinance has been proposed by the codes inspector in Baxter, Bob Lane, who says he's had dozens of complaints regarding vicious dogs, bad smells and incessant barking from homes that have large numbers of pets. His ordinance proposed for both Baxter and Algood would limit pets based on the amount of space or property. Michelle Tackett, a pet owner in Baxter, told WSMV-TV that it would be like someone telling her that she couldn't have children. Lane said other residents are supporting the proposal, but Baxter Mayor Jeff Wilhite told the Cookeville Herald-Citizen that there's no pet overpopulation problem in the community and he doesn't agree with the proposal. And Baxter's newly appointed animal control officer Jeremy Helm said the complaints are more about cats than vicious dogs or dogs running free.