Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Putnam Deputies Catch Up To Illegal Hunters

Two Sparta men, who were caught spotlighting a deer in southeastern Putnam County Monday night, have been issued a series of citations by state wildlife officials. According to a report by sheriff's deputy Randy Brown, 18-year-old Michael T. Phillips of Randolph Mill Road and 19-year-old James C. Hatfield of Dyer Cove Road were both cited by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency for killing big game out of season, spotlighting, and shooting from a vehicle. The case began when a resident of Whittaker Road noticed the two shoot at a deer from the road. Brown arrived on the scene a few minutes later and got a description of the vehicle -- a low rider truck with loud mufflers. He and Sgt. Joe Nash were able to track down that vehicle, which had apparently travelled up and down Phifer Mountain Road at a high rate of speed and was headed toward White County on White Oak Flatt Road when Nash got it pulled over. The two young men allegedly admitted to spotlighting the deer. Hatfield allegedly shot the animal, while Phillips was driving. The TWRA confiscated the rifle and scope used in the incident, and the two will be in court later this month.