Monday, December 21, 2009

Commission OK's County Clerk Elevator Request

The Putnam County commission has voted, 18-to-5, to include an elevator in the construction of a new space for the county clerk's office. The clerk's office will be moving to the old Health Department building on Dixie Avenue, once renovations are completed. A majority of the commissioners agreed with county clerk Wayne Nabors that the addition of an elevator, which will be accessible to the public, was needed. Among those voting against the idea was commissioner Jere Mason, who said the $115,000 cost was, effectively, being thrown away because the elevator was not required by ADA standards or by city codes. Meanwhile, on a separate issue, the commission voted 19-to-4 to allow county fire chief Daryl Blair to apply for a Homeland Security grant which would pay the salaries of up to five firefighters. If the grant is awarded and the county accepts it, they would also accept the obligation to pay those salaries once the grant runs out.