Monday, December 21, 2009

Putnam County Commission To Meet

The regular meeting of the Putnam County commission tonight will be taken up with discussions of budget amendments, fire protection and other issues -- including whether or not an elevator should be included in the construction of a new county clerk's office. The clerk's office will be moving into space recently vacated by the county health department -- once all of the renovations are completed, and county clerk Wayne Nabors says a private elevator, intended for use by his employees, should be a part of the building design. His request to include that elevator was rejected by the commission a few months ago, but is back on the agenda for discussion tonight. Also tonight, the commission will talk about applying for a Homeland Security grant which would pay the salaries of several county firefighters and will discuss how to assist DeKalb County in their firefighting efforts -- especially those in the areas on the Putnam County side of Center Hill Lake. The meeting begins tonight at six.