Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sewer System Leaks Being Checked

Some residents of Cookeville are being asked to pour some water down the drain today -- especially if it's a drain they don't use very often. The city is testing for leaks in its sewer system in the area north of the Belle Acres golf course. They do that by pumping smoke into manholes and seeing where it comes out. City officials say the smoke will enter lines that provide sewer service to houses in the area being tested, but they say the smoke should exit through the roof vents. It should not enter your home, they say, unless there is defective plumbing or drain traps that are dry. That's why the city is asking residents living in the test area to pour water into drains that are seldom used. If you experience smoke, contact the water department at 520-5239. Officials also say the smoke used is non-toxic and harmless. The affected area is located west of Highway 111 and east of Breeding Avenue. It includes homes located south of 10th Street, along North Old Kentucky Road and Broad Street