Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Unusual Theft Cases Reported in Cookeville

A number of unusual theft cases are being investigated by Cookeville police, including one in which 12 full tanks of propane were stolen from a Cookeville convenience store. Police say someone cut the lock on the cage that housed the tanks at the Breadbox on West Jackson Street and removed all of them. The loss was placed at $600. Meanwhile, twelve pallets of metal shelving intended for a local CVS store were stolen, along with the 53-foot trailer they were being hauled in. The trailer, valued at $25,000, was stolen while it was parked at a business on South Willow Avenue. The trailer belonged to a transport company in Murfreesboro. And one bag of individually wrapped micro fiber towels, two laundry bags full of industrial air freshener dispensers and a silver "king size" comforter were found hidden in the bushes off Humble Drive. Officer Jimmy Blankenship noticed the items while he was patrolling and later confirmed that they had been stolen from work vans owned by Unifirst.