Thursday, January 28, 2010

Alleged Shoplifter Injured In Fall From Truck

Theft of property charges are pending against two men accused of shoplifting from two different Cookeville stores this week. Police say 29-year-old Kasey Lee Frazier of Baxter and 41-year-old Andreas Bethel Allen of Sparta were issued citations after an investigation that started at Tractor Supply. The manager there told Officer Adrienne Lintz that a suspected shoplifter had just left the store. Lintz noticed the man jump into a truck and speed away. She pursued the vehicle toward Clover Hill Drive where she noticed a man lying in the middle of the road. That man, police say, was Allen who had either jumped or fallen out of the truck as it was being driven by Frazier. He was taken to the hospital for treatment of his injuries, while another officer stopped the vehicle a few blocks away. Police say they found eight pairs of gloves and two flashlights from Tractor Supply in the back seat. They also found two shopping baskets filled with groceries from Kroger.