Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cookeville Water Issues Should Be Resolved

Cookeville residents should not be having any more troubles with discolored water today, now that a 12-inch water line that ruptured Friday afternoon on South Maple Avenue has been repaired. Water Department director Ronnie Kelly says the rupture occurred around 2:30 pm on South Maple Avenue just south of the Neal Street intersection. He says the break was isolated within 45 minutes and was contained in such a way that all customers remained in service. But Kelly says the break in the waterline DID cause water that normally flows in one direction to reverse course, and that reversal caused some discoloration of the water in large parts of the system. Crews flushed out the lines over the weekend to remove as much of that as they could, but officials say if you still have discolored water today, call them at 526-9591.