Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Disorderly Conduct Alleged in Two Cases

Disorderly conduct charges are pending against two Putnam County residents who had a run-in with the law on two separate occasions. Deputy Jamie Hunter says the first case involved 41-year-old Tina Marie Grandell of Brown Ridge Road who called the sheriff's department Friday night with a complaint. Deputy Hunter says that when she and Deputy Jason Shapton arrived on the scene, they both asked Grandell several times to stop yelling so that they could conduct a proper investigation. When she allegedly refused to do so, she was placed under arrest. Meanwhile, a few hours later, Deputy Hunter was dispatched to a call on Double Springs Road in which a man was reported to be cussing and throwing things at his mother. Hunter says she witnessed part of the incident, although the suspect's mother told officials that she was not in fear and did not believe her son was throwing anything AT her. Still, 47-year-old Mark Nathan Scott was charged with disorderly conduct for the actions.