Monday, January 4, 2010

Monterey Man Charged With Assault

The Hilltop Express newspaper is reporting that a Monterey man faces aggravated assault charges after allegedly pointing a gun at another man. 60-year-old David L. Nagucki of E. Price Ave., was charged after police were dispatched to a disturbance call. Officer John Pettit said in his report that he approached Nagucki’s driveway from a neighbor's yard and saw him standing in the driveway with a handgun in his right hand. The report said that Officer Pettit took aim and ordered Nagucki to put the gun down. Nagucki immediately complied. The complainant told officers that Nagucki had been waving a gun in a threatening manner at him. He also alleged that Nagucki had pointed a gun at him the day before, but he chose not to call the police at that time. Police say Nagucki claimed that the complainant had pulled up in front of his house and revved up his engine, starting the dispute.