Thursday, February 4, 2010

Cookeville Council Receives Sinkhole Study

A Tennessee Tech University scientist has now confirmed what Cookeville city officials have known for quite awhile -- that sinkholes make up the majority of the city's stormwater drainage system. Dr. Evan Hart presented the results of a sinkhole study to the city council Thursday night. Among his recommendations for dealing with flooding around town is to reduce the trash entering the sinkholes, and possibly prohibit building permits in floodplains. The city is currently considering its options. Meanwhile, the council has OK'd an expansion of the OB unit at the city owned hospital. And they OK'd the final reading of an ordinance regulating adult-oriented businesses. City manager Jim Shipley says the owner of one such business had claimed that the new ordinance would cause places like Video Max and Books A Million to be out of compliance, but Shipley says that's not the case.