Tuesday, February 16, 2010

County Commission To Discuss Veterans Hall

The Putnam County commission is scheduled to meet this evening in regular session to hear updates on a number of issues, including what should be done with the location of a Veterans Hall and Archives building. The original plan had been to move that hall into the basement of the building that will become the new County Clerk's office, but officials say the addition of an elevator to that building has cramped the avialable space and they fear that the archives will be out of space almost virtually on the day they move in. There had been a suggestion that the hall be re-located to the OLD county clerk's office, also known as the old jail, but members of the Land and Facilities committee voted down that idea last week. Also tonight, the county commission will approve the quarterly reports of various county departments and will get an answer to the question of whether the county election commision has insurance coverage. The meeting begins tonight at six.