Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Footprints Lead To Vehicle Burglary Suspect

Footprints in the snow. That's what Cookeville police say led them to a suspect in a series of vehicle burglaries. Detective Chase Mathis says it began on Monday morning when Officer Myke Green responded to a call on Bradley Drive. Someone had taken a digital camera and a GPS unit out of a car there, and Green noticed some distinctive footprints in the snow around the car -- footprints that did not belong to either the police or the victim. He notified Mathis, who photographed the prints and then began following them, along Bradley Drive to Brown Avenue, Jere Whitson Road, Denton Avenue and, ultimately East 20th Street, where they found 18-year-old Bradley Lee Brown of 20th Street changing a vehicle tire. When told that he had been tracked by the distinctive Nike "swoosh" on his shoes, Brown reportedly told officers that the shoes he had on were not his "main" wearing shoes. He was arrested on two warrants for vehicle burglary, and Mathis says other charges are pending.