Monday, February 1, 2010

Patrol Car Microphone Picks Up Drug Talk

A conversation that two men allegedly had while waiting inside a Cookeville city patrol car may be used as evidence when the two go to court on drug charges. Officer Jamey McCurry says he pulled over a car after noticing that one of its brake lights was not working and says the driver -- identified as 23-year-old Daniel Scantland of Livingston -- was found to have an active warrant for his arrest pending at the Putnam County sheriff's office. As Scantland was taken into custody, McCurry claims the passenger, 49-year-old Jimmy Whitt of Carthage was found to be in possession of five rocks of crack cocaine. McCurry says although Whitt denied any knowledge of the drug, he too was placed under arrest and read his rights. Both subjects were then placed into a patrol car in which the interior microphone had been activated. That's where they were reportedly heard talking about the crack cocaine. Both have now been charged with simple possession.