Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Registered Sex Offender Charged With Indecency

A registered sex offender, who is accused of publicly urinating against a barn near Fisk Road and harassing both individuals and drivers in the area Tuesday, is now facing charges of public indecency and disorderly conduct. Police say the incident began about 9 am when 36-year-old Thomas Edward Bohannon of Cookeville was walking down the middle of the road near M and M Market. He reportedly went into the market and asked for some free beer and a ride to Walmart, but was told to leave. He also knocked on the door of at least one home in the area, asking for a ride and was reportedly trying to stop drivers to ask the same thing. Authorities say Bohannon appeared to be delusional when they caught up to him, but did not appear to be intoxicated. He was put on the sex offender registry after being convicted of rape in 2002.