Monday, February 22, 2010

Rezoning Dispute Heads To Cookeville Planners

Another dispute over the proposed rezoning of some property is expected to come up tonight as the Cookeville planning commission meets. Two developers are proposing to rezoning about 15 acres of property on McCulley Road from an RS-20 residential designation to one with an RS-10 designation. The property would remain residential, but the amount of units allowed per acre would increase. Under the current zoning, 20,000 square foot lots are required; under the zoning being requested, those lots could be just ten thousand square feet. But neighbors in the area are reportedly against the idea, although the city planning department is recommending approval -- with some conditions. A similar request on the same piece of property, which would have reduced lot size requirements down to 5,000 square feet, was rejected by the planning commission last year.