Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Schools Director Addresses Audit Findings

Putnam County director of schools Kathleen Airhart took the unusual step Monday night of appearing before the county commission to answer questions about some critical audit findings in the school system this year. Airhart says two of the audit findings have to do with how quickly the state re-imburses Putnam County and says there's not much that local officials can do about that. But she says the school system is already addressing the other issues, including a finding that the auditors described as an "unauthorized" transfer of money from the cafeteria fund to the General Purpose School fund and a lease purchase agreement for computers which failed to follow the specifics of state law. Airhart says the cafeteria transfer has been in effect for several years as a way for the food service department to pay their portion of the cost of utilities. But she says the county will start handling that transfer of funds in the way recommended by the auditors. The lease-purchase issue, she says, involves having the county commission formally approve the expenditure of the one dollar that will be need at the end of the lease period to purchase several hundred Apple computers.