Wednesday, February 24, 2010

TTU Enrollment Hits Record Again

Some say it's a sign of the recession as more people decide to go back to college. Tennessee Tech University student enrollment for the Spring 2010 semester again has set an all-time high record. Compared to last year, total enrollment in the spring semester increased by 4.2 percent, while undergraduate enrollment grew 6 percent. TTU headcount enrollment this semester totals 9,646, compared to 9,254 for the same time last year. This spring’s tally follows a record high fall enrollment number for the ninth consecutive year. In the fall, the university reported 10,847 students enrolled; spring numbers typically are lower for universities due to December graduation and some attrition. Bobby Hodum, TTU’s executive director of enrollment management, says higher spring numbers reflect the university’s efforts to put more emphasis on recruiting and retaining full-time students.

“Healthy spring enrollment numbers reflect our efforts to serve students,” Hodum said. “We continue to develop ways to increase retention of full-time students and promote their life-long success.”

TTU's College of Arts and Sciences posted the highest undergraduate enrollment this spring, followed by the College of Education, College of Engineering and College of Business.