Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Woman Accused Of Tossing Beer Bottle In Anger

An Ohio woman has been charged with aggravated assault after she allegedly tossed a beer bottle at the head of another woman during an altercation at a local restaurant. Police say the incident occurred at Spankies restaurant, when 24-year-old Brittany Morgan Alderman, whose address is listed as Columbus, Ohio, allegedly began cursing at a woman who was speaking to her boyfriend. Alderman then allegedly threw a beer bottle which hit the victim in the back of the head. She also reportedly followed the victim outside and tried to start a fight. Restaurant employees, in fact, told police that once outside, quote, "everyone began fighting." Officer Josh Ward placed Alderman under arrest and alleges that she kicked him in the shin, tried to kick out the windows of his patrol car, and -- when her legs were restrained -- began knocking her head against the patrol car window. Police say she settled down after being drive-stunned with a Taser.