Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Anonymous Tip Leads To Drug Arrest

A tip from an anonymous caller has led to the arrest of a Sparta man on two counts of possessing drugs for re-sale. Police say 33-year-old John J. Mullen of Petty Road, Sparta, was arrested at the Hawg Barn tavern on West Broad Street after someone called police to report that a man in a neon shirt and white bandanna was selling drugs out of a pool stick case. Officer Brian Long says Mullen was the only person in the bar who fit that description. He says the pool stick case was on the bar next to where Mullen was sitting, but says Mullen denied that it was his. The officer says Mullen was also sitting on top of a leather jacket that contained marijuana and cocaine. He claimed the jacket belonged to his cousin. Police say the found several grams of marijuana in the pool stick case and found twelve grams of cocaine in the jacket. They also seized more than $2,300 in cash from Mullen, who said the money had come the sale of a vehicle, not from drug sales. Mullen was jailed on a $25,000 bond with a court date set for April 26th.